Luminaires for individualists


    Wirklicht lamps are unique pieces made of wood. Like every person, each wood is unique. Only after the order is placed, the wood is handpicked and the luminaire is custom made with love.


    Our designer has compiled for you the most beautiful lamps. However, individualists like to make their own decisions. Therefore, the type of wood, cable color and wood treatment can be freely selected on request.


    With our lamps made of wood, we combine natural materials and the best light. The lamps bring daylight into your home through their novel technology.


    Innovative lighting technology, simple operation and sustainable manufacturing make Wirklicht unique.

Light that acts!

Health and wellbeing



    WIRKLICHT adapts to the natural course of daylight and thus increases the willingness to perform and the well-being.


    Wood stands for well-being and sustainability. Our FSC® certified wood guarantees social and environmental sustainability.

    WIRKLICHT uses lenses and reflectors for excellent seeing comfort and glare-free lighting.


    WIRKLICHT adapts to the natural needs of man. Naturally SMART HOME.


Humans spend most of their time in rooms with little or no daylight. Sunlight has been the definitive source of light for humans since time immemorial. Light from the sun affects human health and clocks the biological clock.

Today we know that many bodily functions depend on ambient light. Light often makes the difference between feeling well and feeling unwell. WIRKLICHT is daylight for the home. The lights with the latest LED technology have a positive effect on the well-being and biorhythm of humans.

  • Health

    The light automatically adjusts to natural daylight and has a positive effect on human health. You can switch from this dynamic setting to your personal preference at any time.

  • Ambient light

    The light adapts dynamically to the ambient brightness. If more light comes from outside, the luminaire automatically dims. If the irradiation from outside decreases, the luminaire automatically becomes brighter.

  • Motion sensor

    The WIRKLICHT motion sensor automatically turns the light on and off in the absence.

  • Individual customization

    Dim luminaires intuitively or change the light color from rather cold white working light to cozy warm white evening light.

    Anpassbarkeit mit einem Smartphone


A fantastic light! I am impressed! For a long time I've been looking for a good light source for my office and home. No flickering, no glare, the natural sleep-wake rhythm is supported and also a great design! Thank you so much!

I bought the pendant lamp made of pine two weeks ago. The workmanship of the lamp is excellent. The assembly was simple. After I downloaded the app, I entered the password and could already use all the functions. Everything worked great. Thank you really!