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Pendelleuchte aus Holz

Designer pendant lamp made of wood

A lamp suspended from the ceiling is called a pendant lamp or pendant lamp. For all those with somewhat higher demands, there are designer pendant lights made of wood. Designer pendant lights made of wood Are used:

  • in the living room
  • over the dining table
  • in the bedroom
  • in the office

As a rule, designer pendant lamps made of wood are suspended from the ceiling with ropes. This suspension - hence the name pendant light - offers the advantage that you can adjust the height of the Pendant luminaire can be adjusted to suit individual needs. Pendant lights are great for illuminating those areas where people work, play, read, and live.

The three most important criteria for a designer pendant light made of wood:

1. High brightness

Many designer pendant lights made of wood are beautiful, but they are not bright. For luminaires, you can find a specification of lumens in the technical description. Lumen stands for luminous flux and gives a good orientation for the brightness of a luminaire. Make sure that the pendant luminaire with direct and indirect light has a total of at least 4,000 lumens. The direct light, which shines downward, should reach a minimum of reach at least 2,500 lumens.

Pendelleuchte Holz Design Linsen

A little tip: Particularly high-quality designer pendant lights use lenses for direct lighting. Lenses focus the light and prevent glare. In addition they significantly increase the brightness on the surface to be illuminated. The light is not scattered throughout the room, but arrives exactly where it is needed.

2. High-quality materials

Designer pendant lights made of wood are in trend. Wood is the oldest natural material and brings a piece of nature back into the often artificial living and working environment. In addition to the aesthetic reasons, there are above all health reasons to replace plastics with natural materials. Designer pendant lamps made of wood should be made of solid wood and aluminum be made of solid wood and aluminum. Make sure the woods are sustainable and locally sourced in Europe. The days of using tropical woods to impress visitors are over. In Central Europe there are wonderful oaks, ash and walnut trees from which you can create real works of art.

Pendelleuchte Holz Design Zirbe

Do you already know the pine? The trend towards Swiss stone pine - usually simply called pine - is mainly due to the high content of essential oils and their outstanding scent. owe. However, pendant lights made of stone pine are a real rarity.

3. Individual adaptability

Pendant lights made of wood should not only have an aesthetic design, but the light should also be intuitively customizable. The minimum requirement is that the light can be dimmed. Only a dimmable pendant luminaire allows for concentrated reading with the best and comfortable relaxation with candlelight romance. Speaking of candlelight romance: With high-quality pendant luminaires, the light color can also be adjusted. Via app you can you can change the light color from activating work light quite intuitively to warm candlelight.

Pendelleuchte Dimmen

With the Luxury Wood Pendant Lights, there is even the option to use Human Centric Lighting. You can find more information about it in this blog. To summarize Human Centric Lighting very briefly: Human Centric Lighting brings daylight into your own four walls and supports your biorhythm. You like to adjust the light yourself? Then simply choose the setting that suits you best.

Here we briefly explain the three features you should definitely look for in the perfect floor lamp!