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Wie wirkt Licht?

How does light affect us?

Image: floor lamp oak - daylight for the office and home

High quality lamps have a positive impact on human health and emotional well-being. They help us to see better, make us more balanced and increase our well-being. For most of man's evolution over the last seven million years, the sun has been the only the only source of light. The sun is therefore also the benchmark for the light quality of high-quality lamps.

The three most important effects of light are:

  1. Seeing – the visual effect
  2. Feeling – the emotional effect
  3. Experiencing - the biological effect
Wirklicht Kühtai Stehlampe Smart Home für blendfreies Sehen

Image: WIRKLICHT uses lenses and reflectors for comfortable and glare-free vision

2. Seeing - the visual effect

Light makes it possible to perceive the environment with the eyes. Visual ability and Recognizability are the central elements of visual lighting effect. The better the light is adapted to different situations in terms of light color and illuminance, the better things can be perceived. Both at home and at work, high-quality lamps are the basis for good vision and perception. Lime white light promotes concentration. Warm white light is relaxing and enables healthy and relaxed sleep. Therefore, high-quality lamps change their light color and adjust it to the course of the day of the sun.

The Illuminance, the color of the light and the absence of glare are quality features of high-quality lamps.

Wirklicht Stehleuchte Holz Büro

Image: Really floor lamp for pleasant reading with continuously selectable light color between cozy light (warm white 2,700 Kelvin) and working light (cool white 6,500 Kelvin).

2. Feelings – the emotional effect

The emotional mood of a person is influenced by light. influenced. Light colors and light intensity affect the effect and atmosphere of a room. High-quality lamps help people feel comfortable in their surroundings. They strengthen the positive attitude towards life and have a positive influence on the emotional perception of the person.

3. Experience - the biological effect

Light controls the biological rhythm of humans. Heart rate, blood pressure, organ activities and our mood are significantly influenced by light.

In the nerve cells of the human eye are light-sensitive ganglion cells that contain the molecule melanopsin. This molecule is responsible for melatonin secretion and thus influences biological functions of the body. Illuminance and light color affect the release of neurotransmitters in the brain. Light has a biological effect and controls the circadian rhythm. Blue-white light promotes the release of the happiness hormone serotonin and has an activating effect. Warm white light enables the release of the sleep hormone melatonin and has a calming effect. calming. High-quality lamps change dynamically and imitate natural daylight. Like the sun, the light color changes throughout the day from cool white light to warm white Light.

Light deficiency or incorrect light phases send the body signals that do not correspond to the biological rhythm. The body comes thereby from the equilibrium and becomes susceptible for Diseases and depressions. The positive effects of light therapy are scientifically well proven.

High-quality lamps use the biological light effect. They increase the Well-being and strengthen the health. They have been shown to increase human performance and resilience.

Wirklicht Pendelleuchte Holz Design Dimmbar

Image: The WIRKLICHT Floor lamp is dimmable and has a presence sensor.

What are the advantages of high-quality luminaires?

  1. High-quality luminaires allow people to see and recognize pleasant, glare-free.
  2. High-quality luminaires increase vitality.
  3. The right light supports a healthy biorhythm. High-quality lights increase the quality of life and improve sleep quality.
  4. Light controls the "internal clock" of humans. High-quality luminaires help us to work in a concentrated manner during the day and relax in the evening.

Light means quality of life. High-quality lights help to see better and have a positive effect on our emotional world. They influence the health and well-being of the People.