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Die perfekte Designer Tageslicht Stehlampe

The perfect designer daylight floor lamp

A designer daylight floor lamp for the office is a floor lamp whose color spectrum is based on natural daylight. This modern LED lighting technology allows the dynamic Adjustment of the light color depending on the time of day. This technology is also known as Human Centric Lighting designates.

Designer daylight floor lamps are excellent for lighting workplaces as well as at home when reading, as well as for other concentrated visual tasks. The light is very close to natural daylight and provides pleasant illumination.

These 3 criteria should be met by the perfect office daylight floor lamp!

Tageslicht Stehlampe Büro LED

1. Brightness

The perfect designer daylight floor lamp for the office should definitely be bright. When choosing, make sure that the floor lamp gives enough light to meet the Visual tasks to be just.

You should pay particular attention to the specification of the lumens. These provide information about how bright the floor lamp is. Properly bright daylight floor lamps reach at least 5,000 lumens.

A little tip: Make sure that the floor lamp for the office has both direct lighting down and indirect lighting to the ceiling. Only the indirect lighting to the ceiling allows a pleasant illumination of the room and an atmosphere similar to daylight.
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2. Daylight

As the name daylight Floor lamp already says, the light of these floor lamps is very similar to natural daylight. Daylight promotes health and supports natural biorhythms. In this blog you can learn more about what positive effects Human Centric Lighting has on people.

The light of designer daylight floor lamps should have a color spectrum between 2,700 Kelvin and 6,500 Kelvin. Light with 2,700 Kelvin corresponds to cozy warm light, as it is found in late evening hours in nature. The color temperature of 6,500 Kelvin is rather white, activating light, which corresponds to the midday sun.

Designer daylight floor lamps adapt automatically adapt to the course of the day, just like natural daylight. They signal the right time of day to the body and help us to work more concentrated during the day and in the evening to relax and fall asleep faster.

Did you know: The absence of glare from floor lamps for the office is an important quality criterion. There is even a separate DIN standard for this. The DIN EN 12464-1 gives a reference value for a standard room. This reference value is called the UGR value (Unified Glare Rating).

    High-quality designer daylight floor lamps for the office therefore use lenses. The lenses focus the light and reduce glare. In order for luminaries to be approved for technical drawings are approved, a UGR value of less than 16 must be achieved. With floor lamps with these low UGR values, you can be sure that you have the perfect light for your office.

    3.Intelligent control

    Tageslicht Stehlampe Kopf mit Sensoren

    Modern designer daylight floor lamps for office have intelligent control. Dimming and the ability to change the color of the light should be standard. High-quality floor lamps also have a motion detector and turn on automatically when you are present. Annoying switching on and switching off is a thing of the past. If no movement has been detected for 15 minutes, the lights turn off.

    Some high-quality daylight floor lamps also have a sensor that measures the brightness. If clouds move in front of the sun, the floor lamp automatically becomes brighter, ensuring that the office continues to be perfectly illuminated.

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