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Light Hack 1 – Wie kann ich kreativer sein?

Light Hack 1 - How can I be more creative?

Creativity is the ability to create something new and original. Creativity helps us find new solutions and bring forth the extraordinary. Creativity is the most important asset of our time.

What do we know about light and creativity?

Scientists have found that light has a significant impact on our creativity. Studies show that dim light increases creative performance. People are often unaware of this connection. It is believed that the increase in creativity has to do with the fact that darkness is associated with a sense of freedom. When the light is dimmed, people tend to feel freed from constraints and are more willing to try new things.

Arbeiten mit Wirklicht Stehlampe

How can I be more creative?

So the next time you are waiting for a creative idea, find a place with low light or dim your lamps. It will be easier for you to come up with new and original ideas under these lighting conditions.

However, if you need to work in a concentrated way, you will need a different light. More on this in Light Hack 2 "How do I increase my concentration?"