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Light Hack 2 – Wie steigere ich meine Konzentration?

Light Hack 2 - How do I increase my concentration?

Concentration is the ability to focus our attention on a specific activity. Concentration is a mental effort that is much easier with the right lighting.

What do we know about lighting and concentration?

Scientific research shows that bright and white light increases subjective alertness and enhances concentration. This activating and cool white light also improves reaction time and accuracy. Studies also show that it reduces fatigue.


How can I increase my concentration?

As always, natural daylight is best. Take advantage of the opportunity to work outdoors. For those who have to work indoors, bright and cool white light is recommended for tasks that require high concentration. This light makes you awake and alert. So the next time you need to concentrate extra hard, use bright light with high blue content! It will help you complete your tasks faster and with better results.

But make sure to use this light only during the day. Because light also affects our sleep. Light Hack 3 "How can I fall asleep faster?"