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Light Hack 3 – Wie kann ich schneller einschlafen?

Light Hack 3 - How can I fall asleep faster?

Sleep is critical to our mental and physical health. In his book "Why we sleep", Berkeley professor Matthew Paul Walker takes an impressive look at the importance of sleep. Lack of sleep impairs our immune system, among other things, and increases the risk of developing dementia and Alzheimer's disease.

What do we know about light and sleep?

Light has a significant impact on our sleep. Lighting researcher Oliver Stefani was able to demonstrate that Human Centric Lighting suppresses the sleep hormone melatonin less. Human Centric Lighting is light that, like natural daylight, adapts to the course of the day. Accordingly, the light in the evening is less intense and has a warm light color. Studies have shown that this shortens the time it takes to fall asleep.

Besser schlafen mit dem richtigen Licht

What light to use before falling asleep?

Dimmed light and warm light colors will help you fall asleep faster and ensure you get enough sleep. Use warm light colors and dim the lights one to two hours before bedtime. This way your body produces the sleep hormone melatonin and prepares for the night. You'll fall asleep faster and be able to start the day the next morning well-rested.

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