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Life Hack 4 - How kids learn better!

Encouraging the development of our children is the most beautiful task in the world. However, learning for school does not always come easily. Learning can sometimes be challenging for children and for parents. What if we could help children do this with the right light?

Light with high levels of blue helps learning

Scientists have discovered how light affects learning in children. Studies show that bright light with high blue content helps learning and task completion. Among other things, this light increases performance on math tests and reduces reaction time on computer tasks.

Besser lernen mit Human Centric Lighting

Which light for learning?

Make sure your kids have enough bright and activating light for learning. The best light for this is natural daylight. From late morning to early afternoon, natural daylight most closely matches the light that helps children learn. At this time, it is particularly bright and has a whiter light color. That's why it's also important for children to have a learning space near large windows.

If there is not enough daylight you can use additional activating light. Activating light we perceive as cold white. It ideally has a light color of more than 5,000 Kelvin. This bright and rather cool light helps children learn better.

But be sure to dim the lights in the evening hours so as not to upset children's sleep rhythms! Learn more in the Light Hack "How can I fall asleep faster?".