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Dimmbare LED-Pendelleuchte für das Büro

Dimmable LED pendant light for the office

1. LED pendant light perfect for office

The selection of office lighting is not easy. Nowadays, many legal regulations and standards must be observed. The design of LED pendant lights is also a major factor in the decision. Especially in a busy office, high-quality materials and a beautiful design are important.

The Workplace Directive requires at least 500 lux for office workplaces. But experts already advise 750 lux, as more light is more pleasant and promotes concentration. In addition one Color temperature of 5,300 Kelvin, daylight white, recommended.

To prevent sleep disturbances, it is recommended to use a modern light control system. This type of lighting, also called Human Centric Lighting or HCL called, adjusts the lighting quite automatically to the natural course of the sun. Thus, from morning to afternoon, the light is activating daylight-white and becomes warm white in the evening like natural sunlight.

Pendelleuchte Büro

Human Centric Lighting supports the human biorhythm and therefore concentration, Health and well-being. More information about Human Centric Lighting can be found here.

To meet the standards of a beautiful luminaire, it is made of high-quality materials. Wood and aluminum make the lamp a luxurious unique piece. To make the pendant light even more suitable for the Office style, the type of wood is completely free to choose on request!

2. LED pendant light

Pendant lights are as for Created for the workplace. The minimalist design is visually very appealing and fits into any modern office. The natural product wood creates a pleasant, homely atmosphere. To make the light as well as possible for the office, the luminaire is equipped with lenses. These focus the light on the surface to be illuminated and allow glare-free work.

LED lamps have become increasingly common in recent years. They can achieve a service life of up to 100,000 hours. The service life is many times longer than that of conventional light sources. WIRKLICHT luminaires use a unique technology in which the LEDs can be replaced. Sustainability means above all longevity. Our luminaires are for life. Should an LED ever break after many years, it can be replaced. This way they are even more durable and the luminaire does not have to be disposed of, unlike the Lights of many other manufacturers, be disposed of.

The luminous efficiency of LED lights is significantly higher than other light sources. A simple light bulb has a yield of about 12.5 lumens per watt. In contrast, LED lights achieve over 120 lumens per watt.

The wood design of the pendant lights brings a cozy and pleasant atmosphere to the room. Wood is noble, sustainable, durable and unique. The pleasant appearance makes it very suitable for offices of any kind.

3. Dimmable LED Pendant Light

Dimmbare Pendelleuchte

To have the best light in any situation, all lights are dimmable. WIRKLICHT pendant lights can emit over 4,000 lumens, providing the perfect light for any task.

WIRKLICHT pendant lights are easy to turn on and off using the light switch. Dimming can be the light via app or with its own controller. The Casambi app allows you to dim the lights, change the light color or select scenes. Of course you can integrate as many luminaires as you like and control them together. On request, we can program scenes tailored to specific needs.

In addition to control via the app or the controller, the luminaires support Human Centric Lighting technology. This is especially particularly useful in the workplace, as it mimics the natural progression of daylight. This helps to increase well-being, supports health and enhances the people's performance.

4. Why high-quality LED pendant lights are important in the office?

Bad light has many negative effects. It causes headaches, Concentration problems, fatigue and eye pain. Good light, on the other hand, is a key factor in creating a productive work environment that makes you feel good. It helps employees to work better and more concentrated.

We only use hand-picked woods that grow sustainably in Europe. All of our lighting fixtures are hand manufactured. LED pendant lights from Wirklicht combine state-of-the-art technology with one of the oldest materials in the world!

Interested? Contact us or secure your pendant light made from wood.